[toranj_double_carousel_container leftsidedir="up" bulletcontroll="no"][toranj_double_carousel_item bgcolor="#444444" title="John" big_title="Godwin" add_socials="yes" image="58" twitter="http://twitter.com/jpgodwin" instagram="https://www.instagram.com/jpgodwin/?hl=en"]If I'd have hired a webmaster, I could've got them to write in the third person and really big me up, "John Godwin is the WORLD'S FOREMOST...", etc.. As it stands, I didn't hire a webmaster, I did this myself, at 8:40pm on a Sunday night in chilly November. I take pictures for money. I don't understand how I ever ended up in this position. I discovered something I love, and I just kept doing it, and then more and more people were willing to pay me, and then years later I'm in the incredibly privileged position of it being my career. I never stop reminding myself that not everyone is in this position, although I sometimes take it for granted. I'm self taught, and take my inspiration from many photographic heroes, though they're mostly current. I never believe anyone when they say their influences were Bresson, Avedon, etc, I just think they think it makes them sound cool. It does a bit, too. I like shooting people, products, and food. I keep a very small team on hand, though I mostly prefer to work alone. Outside of photography, I like bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, cooking, plus other stuff. I'm average. I've got a four year old daughter called Lillibette, and she is the focus of an ongoing project titled 'her moods', in which I'm looking to document her developing personality. It's an amazing thing to witness, but also, she'll hopefully get married one day, and her wedding roast is going to be epic. If I'm not shooting on location or in my studio in Battersea, I'm either in the gym or staring at other photographer's work and trying to see what makes them so good. I've shot for a lot of great clients the last few years, and have been lucky enough to have my work take me to many different countries, obviously I'd like that to continue... Duh![/toranj_double_carousel_item][/toranj_double_carousel_container]